Condilography is hardware dental method of examination supported by digital values describing processes in dento-facial system. Due to condilography a dentist can evaluate and record the state of all elements of temporo-mandibular joint in the form of diagrams and digital values as well as program the articulator in terms of received parameters.

Articulator is a laboratory apparatus imitating dento-facial system of a human. It allows diagnosing and manufacturing comfortable prosthetic restorations with exceptional accuracy. It is important that articulator is completely adjustable in other words it is set according to individual parameters of each patient calculated in the process of condilography. For such a work there is a need of much more time and efforts but the result is worthy.

SENSE dental clinic provides all of the types of prosthetic dentistry including those developed by the conception of Dr. Slavicek. It allows us to manufacture highly precise crowns and veneers that will serve for a maximally long time and will be felt as an organic part of the oral cavity. As a result, condilography guarantees complete adaptation and long-term favorable prognosis according to the results of completed treatment.


Andrey Shpachenko

SENSE leading dental orthopedist, specialist and mentor in gnatology and comprehensive rehabilitation

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