Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Function Examination

Temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) diagnosis helps to identify underlying cause of dental diseases; record and proceed the follow-up control of treatment results; evaluate how in the course of time the dento-facial system of a patient may change. Insignificant deformation of teeth and their arches may lead at first to functional disorders namely to clicks in the area of TMJ, ears blocked, and occasionally to permanent biological consequences not only in the dento-facial system but in other areas too. Neck and back muscles spasm, postural disorder, internal parts of the body displacement, skeletal deformation, and other problems appear. Only error-free diagnosis in conjunction with comprehensive treatment may eliminate the cause of disease and guarantee success.

Besides principal and commonly-accepted additional diagnostic methods, Kharkiv SENSE dental clinic use methods that allow recording dynamic parameters of dento-facial system: electromyography, jaw model analysis in articulator, occlusiograms, brux checkers, and many others. These methods allow us to evaluate muscle state and occlusal contact pattern in statics and dynamics. Comprehensive volume of information in the process of diagnosing the temporo-mandibular joint and muscles of mastication we receive with the help of condilography and myography.


Andrey Shpachenko

SENSE leading dental orthopedist, specialist and mentor in gnatology and comprehensive rehabilitation

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