Multidisciplinary Dental Educational Center SENSE

We bring to Kharkiv the standards of advanced European dentistry. The SENSE education training platform helps dentists to improve their professional level. Multidisciplinarity of the SENSE education training center allows to develope in several directions at once: aesthetic and functional dentistry, endodontics, periodontology, laser dentistry, orthopedics, gnathology, 3D planning, surgery with implantology.

Reviews and video reports



When technology meets biology: the world of lasers in endodontic

Miguel Rodriguez Martins

Direct restoration. Implementation of smile design with composite material

Vitaly Bogachuk

What awaits you in the educational center

The doors of SENSE education are open to those who want to learn and share experiences with colleagues from around the world.

The key to success in dentistry is lifelong learning

What is education in SENSE? These are specialized practical skills that make you a sought-after professional.


Our lecturers

At the SENSE education center, our doctors – specialists with many years of experience and leading dentists from Ukraine and the near and far abroad share their knowledge.

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