Caries Prevention

Caries is the most widespread dental disease. Almost all adults suffer from it and approximately 70% of children by the time of schooling during medical check-up appear to have discolorations and dental cavities. Patients have to know that initial stages of caries can be easily prevented! This is precisely why caries prevention in children of school age and regular prophylaxis in adults over a lifetime is of great importance. For children and adults we offer new dental methods that practically are not used in common polyclinics of Kharkiv.

Caries development starts in hard-to-reach areas in other words fissures and tooth contact (inter-dental) surfaces. Fissure is a natural pit placed on masticatory surface. Areas where food parts are collected and dental plaque settles are culture medium for pathologic microorganisms causing caries. Teeth brushing in the area of deep fissures and contact surfaces at home sometimes may be difficult.

Caries prevention in teeth pits and fissures by sealing helps to prevent accumulation of dental plaque, food residues and caries development. Presence of deep and narrow fissures is an indication for their sealing immediately after tooth cutting out.

Fissure sealing

Fissure sealing is painless minimally invasive operation, modern technique of initial prevention and treatment of initial form of caries in children and adults. The technique is as follows: potentially dangerous pits in teeth undergo cleaning and covering with polymer material.

Experienced dentists from SENSE clinic located in the historical center of Kharkiv diagnose fissures and perform sealing under microscope using the most advanced materials. This guarantees the procedure effectiveness and coverage of all problem areas. Remember: caries in the form of the spot is still reversible. Invasive fissure sealing will help to save the teeth even if light discoloration on them already visible. However it is better to avoid such state and contact us. Use the potential of modern dentistry!

Fluoridation of the teeth enamel

Fluoridation of the teeth enamel is painless and save procedure helping to restore damaged in surface layer that is demineralized enamel in children as well as in adults. Teeth remineralization is widely-accepted method of caries and hyperesthesia prevention (increased sensitivity). By the help of different products (varnishes, gels, and pastes) consisting of fluorine ions and other mineral substances the saturation and strengthening of teeth enamel occurs. It helps to restore enamel density and eliminate the damage.

Fluoridation of the teeth indications:

  • Multiple caries
  • Teeth enamel demineralization areas
  • Teeth hyperesthesia (increased sensitivity)
  • Enamel damage
  • Teeth enamel strengthening in pregnant women
  • Patients undergoing bracket-system treatment
  • Before teeth whitening or at different stages of it.

Caries in the stage of a spot is just the right time for teeth remineralization. The surface layer of enamel is still in good condition and organic matrix may become a foundation for crystal growth. Certainly, in the process of fluoridation we do not use pure fluorine but its safe compounds that are fluorides.


Alina Rapota

SENSE dentistry curator, specialist and mentor in the field of conservative periodontics

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