X-ray and Computerized Tomography Analysis

X-ray diagnosis is the number one in dentistry. Fortunately X-ray imaging becomes more and more harmless, comfortable and fast procedure as a result of advanced equipment. SENSE Dentistry in Kharkiv guarantees absolute safety in diagnosis and clear imaging. Radiation dose for one procedure is 0.1-0.4 μSv (where maximum permissible dose is 0.5 μSv per hour). This is to say that we can make up to 50 images per year for each patient without causing any harm to their health.

Digital periapical X-ray is the most widespread method of diagnosis in the case of hard tissue in oral cavity and quality treatment control. For example, we certainly use it after root-canal treatment of tooth and for marginal discrepancy control of filling. Periapical X-ray also allows dentist to identify the damage of internal structure of the tooth even in the early stages, to diagnose peridental structures, to identify initial stages of periodontitis, subgingival dental calculus, undetected caries, and those caries complications that do not cause sensation of pain (chronic periodontitis and pulpitis). For periapical X-ray in SENSE clinic we use Stern Weber X-ray unit with minimal radiation dose whereby for one patient we can make 1000 X-ray images per year without harm to health!

Digital orthopantomogram is for initial diagnosis of patient even in absence of complaints. Progressive digital equipment in the process of orthopantomography allows obtaining minimal radiation dose on patient’s body.

Computed tomography and cephalometry intended to compose comprehensive plan of treatment. It is also essential part of dental practice, the standard of modern diagnosis. Computed tomography allows us to study anatomic features of dentition in more details. Scanning procedure is comfortable for patient and do not cause any unpleasant sensations. Computed tomography technique is based on the aspect that different human body structures have different radiation transmittance. In the process of examination the rays go through the human body and are caught by special detector making serial shots. Using them tomographic scanner creates 3D-model, which doctor can examine at any angle and observe down to the smallest detail.

In SENSE dental center we perform computed tomography using the most advanced NewTom GiANO modular apparatus where cephalometric devise and cone beam computed tomography are integrated in one platform. It is perfect for orthodontic treatment planning and ENT specialists. NewTom GiANO apparatus is equipped with special modes, such as ECO scan, child scan mode, and manual mode that allow reducing radiation dose. Whereby, examination becomes maximally safe for patient and for personnel.

Computed tomography has tremendous advantages comparing to plane periapical X-ray. Using CT doctor-stomatologist can identify the presence of hidden caries, anatomical features of root canals and their pathologies, evaluate the level of bone tissue destruction in the area of gingival pocket, defective eruption of the teeth, presence of inflammatory conditions and injury of the jaw, evaluate bone tissue state. All of this helps to choose optimal method of therapy, model implantation outcomes, and provide a patient with a comprehensive treatment plan.


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