Non Removable Orthodontic Treatment

Improper tooth placement leads to a malocclusion, premature abrasion of teeth, damage of periodontal tissues, dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint and other unpleasant consequences. The traditional method of treatment is braces.


Braces is a fixed structure consisting of locks themselves, which are attached directly to the teeth, an orthodontic arch, which is installed in braces / locks, and a mechanism that holds this arc. If braces have such a mechanism they are called self-ligating. If this function is performed by elastic or metal ligatures, such braces are called non-ligating. In addition, depending on the material that is used to make braces, they may be made of metal, ceramic or artificial sapphire. According to the place of fixation, braces may be vestibular (external) and lingual (attached to the internal part of the teeth).

The choice of braces depends primarily on the diagnosis and the necessary treatment, but preferences of the patient are also taken into account. Thanks to the braces, it is possible to normalize the position of teeth and correct the occlusion. Braces can be installed to patients whose age is more than 9 years old, but the orthodontist takes into account the clinical situation and condition of the teeth roots.


When performing orthodontic treatment with braces, there is a need of a support which will make the movement of the teeth possible. If other teeth serve as this support, they will move too. This displacement is not always desirable, and dental microimplants are used to avoid it. These are small metal screws that are temporarily installed in the bone. Besides, the use of microimplants may make possible to correct the position of individual teeth without using a full-length braces and it reduces the discomfort caused by the orthodontic treatment.


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