Removal of Benign Neoplasms

The use of laser radiation is a modern method of providing medical care in ophthalmology, dermatology, plastic surgery and many other areas. The use of laser to remove benign tumors of the oral cavity (hemangiomas, fibroids, retention cysts, papillomas, and many others) and an intraoral surgical biopsy should be preferred to traditional methods of treatment.

If you use a scalpel, the operation will inevitably cause blooding. With laser exposure bleeding is excluded: it immediately stops the blood, which is convenient for both the surgeon and the patient. Blood loss is minimal, which is very important in treatment of vascular lesions, for patients with a tendency to excessive bleeding or taking anticoagulants.

Other advantages of laser removal of benign tumors:

  • reduction of the operation time (high precision of cut);
  • absence of blood in the surgical field (an unsurpassed level of visualization of the surgical area);
  • no need to put stitches;
  •  minimal duration of the operation (reduction of manipulations with tissues and potential contamination of the wound);
  • bactericidal effect (laser thermal effect produces minimal lateral thermal necrosis).


Yulia Cherepinskaya

founder and director of the educational and clinical center SENSE, dentist, Ph.D., M.Ed., specialist and mentor in periodontology and laser dentistry

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