Periodontal Screening Record Development

Computed periodontal screening record is designed to diagnose the state of the tissue surrounding the tooth (periodontal tissue). Timely diagnosis of periodontal diseases is the essential for successful treatment. For this purpose SENSE clinic in Kharkiv use Florida Probe diagnostic system (USA). It allows fast and accurate examination and automatic data transfer on computer platform eliminating risk of error related to human factor.

The results of periodontal screening record along with X-ray examination allow periodentist to make precise diagnosis for each tooth and prescribe individual treatment plan for a patient. Given technology helps to receive information about the depth of gingival pocket within the accuracy of 0.2mm just in 20-30 minutes.

The important advantage of Florida Probe system is follow-up management of periodontium state of each patient. Examination results are registered automatically and can be compared years later after the beginning of the treatment. Click on the photo on the right to see a sample periodontal chart.


Alina Rapota

SENSE dentistry curator, specialist and mentor in the field of conservative periodontics

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