Teeth Replacement

Restoration on implants is planned by an orthopedic doctor. By means of dental implants it is possible to restore the single missing teeth, support the dental bridgework, and restore completely edentulous jaw.

Types of dental implants:

  • Single tooth implant restoration;
  • Dental bridgework;
  • Completely edentulous jaw restoration.

In the process of restoration on implants the implication of screw or cement retention takes place for single tooth restoration or restoration of a few teeth with the help of dental bridgework. The choice of the type of retention depends on the clinical situation.

In cement retention there is a special item to use that is patient-specific abutment. It is screwed into the implant itself in the oral cavity and recreates “the tooth prepared for crowning” and afterwards the process of fixing the crown takes place. zubnoj-implant-harkovPatient-specific abutment is characterized by high biocompatibility with soft tissues in oral cavity since it is produced from zirconium dioxide. Its white color helps to mask the presence of implant.

The screw retention excludes cement application: a crown or bridgework is simply screwed into implant with the help of special instruments.

Over-denture restoration

An alternative method of treatment of completely edentulous jaw. Depending on clinical situation the specialists fix from 4 to 8 implants on one jaw and they appear to be a denture foundation. In every individual case the team of dentists makes choice about the type of construction and material.

In over-denture restoration only dentist can remove the construction and only if special instruments are available in the clinic. Patient will not be able to remove such denture for hygienic care without assistance.

Complete denture restoration

A denture treatment with the help of bugel denture, partial or complete removable laminar denture. Complete removable denture rebuilds entire dental arch. Bugel and partial removable denture in most cases are used for posterior teeth restoration nevertheless there is possible implication for anterior teeth replacement.

There are different types of retention of given denture. In conjunction with crowns or without them clammers can be used in other words metal hooks for teeth. Clammers are easy to see which means that such type of retention is not aesthetic if patient has high smile line.

For denture retention on retainer teeth telescopic crowns are used. That is sort of “constructor” made-up of two parts: fixed anchorage in the form of metal cap attached to the teeth, and removable part in the form of bugel or bridgework in which the crown is built-in. Removable part is a perfect fit for anchorage. Telescopic crowns are very useful for complete dental arch restoration in those cases when it is impossible to fix implants or perform fixed restoration.


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