Treatment Of Caries

Caries is the most widespread dental disease. Depending on the depth of dental damage there are following types: surface, median and deep caries. Deep caries is the most severe stage. If treatment appears to be not timely there is growing possibility of nerve inflammation and in some cases even tooth removal. In the process of deep caries treatment the very important aspect is to remove only damages tissues. Without sufficient visual control there is a suddenly increasing risk of traumatic injury of tooth pulp (tooth nerve). Therefore modern dentistry uses microscopes allowing dentist to work not in the twilight anymore while filling a tooth. In every office of SENSE clinic there is a dental operative CJ Optik microscope. As a result specialists diagnose caries on the very early stages as well as fully control processes of damages tooth tissues removal, fixing and polishing of light curing restoration. The tooth filling takes several stages.

Tooth filling: stages and methods

  • Electrical anesthesia by STA
  • Tooth preparation
  • Kofferdam placing (isolating napkin) in order to provide isolation of carious cavity from humid environment of oral cavity and decrease the risk of dental instrument aspiration
  • Anatomical tooth shape rebuilding based on restoration with the help of light curing material
  • Polishing and grinding

The unique characteristic of our clinic: patients also can observe all of the stages of treatment. Pictures from a dental microscope are transferred to monitor screen that makes the treatment process way more interesting. Children, needless to say, prefer watching cartoons. Caries treatment and prevention in children is an important direction of our work.

Treatment Of Non-carious Tooth Lesions

Non-carious lesions of hard tooth tissues appear mostly in changes of color and shape that is not connected with microbial factor as opposed to caries. Such types are of frequent occurrence as fluorosis, hypoplasia, wedge-shaped defect, and enamel erosion. Modern prevention activities are aimed to immune system stabilization; for this purpose they administer vitamin products, macro- and micro-elements as well as correct food intake. Local treatment depends mainly on the type of disease. For some of them the indication of remineralization therapy increasing hard tooth tissue mineralization and decreasing its sensitivity takes place. Clinical situation effects the whole course of treatment with anatomical tooth shape rebuilding based on direct restoration with the help of light curing material or indirect with the help of ceramics.

SENSE clinic uses various calcium and fluorine-containing gels, pastes, and solutions. After remineralization therapy in the presence of major hard tissues defects there is a next step of anatomical tooth shape rebuilding. For this purpose direct restoration with the help of light curing material or indirect restoration with the help of ceramics is carried out. In the case of functional overloading (that is also a reason of non-carious lesions) there is a place for grinding of premature contacts as well as fillings and crowns opening the occlusion.


Valeria Danilyuk

dentist, specialist and mentor in endodontics and direct dental restoration

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