Laser Surgical Correction of Frenulum of the Tongue or Lip

In the oral cavity, there are normally frenulums of the upper and lower lips, frenulum of the tongue and multiple mucous-gingival cords. These are thin anatomical formations of the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, which connect its moving parts (tongue and lips) with the fixed ones (gums). The place of their attachment and their length may change the speech, diction, bite, it may cause appearance of diastema (the gap between the front teeth). In babies, the wrong length and location of the frenulum may provoke disturbances of sucking and then eating.

If frenulum attachment correction is needed for medical reasons, there are several ways to do it:

  • frenulotomy – dissection of the frenulum;
  • frenuloectomy – excision of the frenulum;
  • frenuloplasty – surgical repair of the size and position of a frenulum.

Any of these procedures can be performed in our clinic SENSE using laser radiation under local anesthesia (STA system). Erbium laser with a wavelength of 2780 nm Waterlase iPlus is a sample of the fifth generation of technology in the field of laser dentistry. Using iPlus technological innovations, we can quickly and efficiently achieve the desired results in much more comfortable conditions for patients.

Short frenulum of the tongue in a child: what to do?

Too short frenulum of the tongue does not always require surgery. But in some cases this leads to the fact that the movements of the tongue damage the periodontal membrane of the lower incisors. Besides, a short frenulum of the tongue in children can cause speech disorders. In such cases, it is necessary to carry out its excision. Laser surgery is the most convenient and efficient method.

The main advantages of the surgical use of lasers in the correction of the frenulum:

  • the absence of postoperative complaints of a patient;
  • minimal wound care;
  • laser surgical repair gives a stable success (this is very important in the treatment of children as it helps to trust dentists from early childhood).

* Laser technologies also help to achieve a positive result and minimize postoperative discomfort after excision of the tissues around the teeth (operculectomy) or exposure of an impacted tooth – for example, before orthodontic treatment.


Yulia Cherepinskaya

founder and director of the educational and clinical center SENSE, dentist, Ph.D., M.Ed., specialist and mentor in periodontology and laser dentistry

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