Teeth and Jaws 3D-Scanning

3D-scanning is the new step in dentistry development. Many patients do not like the dental molding procedure since it may cause discomfort, gag reflex, and in some cases even allergic reaction to impression material. Using intraoral scanner all abovementioned problems disappear since it does not touch the teeth. Scanner makes thousands of small pictures that are transferred in computer where they are combined into three-dimensional diagnostic model. As a result a dentist immediately receives an impression and a model to diagnose and without delay continue consulting. Yet in ordinary case it is necessary to wait 3-4 days when the stone model is ready.

Digital enablement ranged from diagnosing in dental office to dental technical laboratory allowed us to reduce the time of restoration manufacturing. Through the use of digital impressions and highly-precise preparation under magnification we manufacture and fix the ceramic restoration with high precision. It has a perfect fit to the teeth edge and serves for many years. Digital libraries of teeth of our patients also help in work. For example, patient is 23 years old; we received optical impressions and saved them in database of our clinic. In 10 years the patient lost the central incisor and wants to restore it. Knowing background information we make restoration perfectly matching by shape and color.


Arthur Khachikyan

dentist, orthopedist, specialist and mentor in 3D-diagnostics and complex rehabilitation

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