Root-Canal Treatment

Primary endodontic root canal treatment

Primary endodontic root canal treatment occurs in cases when carious process is worsening by tooth pulp (nerve) inflammation. Patient starts feeling pain caused by cold and hot irritant. Further pain appears to be spontaneous and in most cases occurs in late evening. The success of primary endodontic treatment depends on qualitative instrumental and medicamentous processing of root canal system as well as skill level of endodontist. It is very important for primary treatment to be of good quality in order to decrease the risk of periapical tissue infection and prevent periodontitis development (bone tissue destruction in the area of tooth root apex).

Kharkiv SENSE clinic endodontists working with root canals use the best instruments allowing qualitative processing of even the most difficult root canal systems. Application of effective irrigation solutions significantly increases the percentage of treatment success. Dental CJ Optic microscope in the hands of endodontist helps to qualitatively process root canals and create precise tooth restoration that also affects the treatment success.

Endodontic retreatment

Endodontic retreatment takes place in those cases when primary treatment appears to be ineffective and there is bone tissue destruction in the area of tooth root apex (periodontitis). In such a case the difficulty consists in the fact that we do not know which material was used in the prior treatment and there is high risk of tooth crack at which point any treatment appear to be ineffective. Canal treatment under microscope allows dentist to see way better. Therefore the endodontic retreatment success depends on timely diagnosis of root crack, complete removal of infected filling material and extraction of instrument fragment that allows passing through again and root canal refilling. For long-term treatment result evaluation the dentists of SENSE clinic perform case follow-up throughout 5 months.

Instrument fragment extraction

Instrument fragment extraction occurs when in the process of root canal treatment the part of instrument breaks and it may block canal processing. Instrument breakage in the root does not mean that there is a need to treat the tooth surgically or remove. Prognosis depends on many factors: the stage on which the breakage happened; the state of the nerve (pulp) and the presence of inflammation in the area of root apex before treatment as well as if there is a chance to extract or pass over the fragment. The presence of instrument itself in the root canal does not affect the treatment success; the reason of failure will be the presence of infected pulp residuals or left filling material. Fragment extraction requires special skills and availability of special equipment, for example, operation microscope, instruments and systems for fragments extraction. Endodontists of SENSE clinic regularly perform such manipulations whereby keeping teeth from removal. If you need to extract fragments from root canals we can help you!

Perforation closure

Perforation is a pathological opening connecting tooth cavity and periodontal tissue which occurs afterwards aggressive search and passing through root canal. Perforation decreases the endodontic treatment success for 30%. Perforation closure is technically difficult manipulation and not always there is chance to place a material in the area of opening steadily. For sufficient visual control dentist should use a microscope.

The level of our specialists in the area of endodontic treatment and specialized equipment of SENSE clinic make it possible to close perforation in any part of the root canal and to keep the tooth.

Fiber reinforcement

Fiber reinforcement is a tooth strengthening technique using fiber reinforcing tape and posts fixed in the tooth cavity taking into account its specific anatomical features minimizing risk of chopping and cracks. Indication for such intervention is the destruction of more than 50% of crown portion of the tooth. In clinical cases thinning or overexpansion of root canal walls in the process of its rebuilding may lead to cracks occurrence and tooth removal.

SENSE clinic specialists work in such a way to keep the anatomy of root canal. For this purpose the selection of fiber post after endodontic treatment comes individually. It reduces the root crack risk to a minimum and allows keeping its own tooth tissue as much as possible.


Svetlana Krasnaya

SENSE leading endodontist, specialist and mentor in the field of endodontics

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