Removable Orthodontic Treatment

Many people have malocclusion or abnormal position of the teeth. Orthodontics helps to solve problems of uneven or too crowded teeth. Orthodontic treatment can be carried out using removable or fixed appliances. Depending on the pathology, age of a child, indications and contraindications, the orthodontist choses the most suitable way of treatment. Braces, dental microimplants, removable appliances, aligners are used.

Removable orthodontic appliances

These are mainly appliances with various components (screws, springs, arches), which are installed in the apparatus depending on the necessary treatment. A positive aspect of these appliances is that they can be made in different colors, with different cartoon characters, animals and flowers. A little patient chooses himself a drawing. In addition, the removable appliances include trainers which are soft silicone double-jaw aligners. Removable appliances should be worn according to the recommendations of the doctor. In most cases they are worn permanently, they are removed only during brushing teeth and eating. Aligners are worn at night and a few hours during the day.


Orthodontic treatment using the system of individual thin and transparent aligners made from a special biopolymer. Aligners (InvisAlign) is an aesthetic alternative to braces for adults and teenagers. Such aligners are very tight to the teeth and almost invisible. With this type of therapy, thin transparent aligners should be constantly worn on the teeth. They are usually changed every 2-3 weeks or as indicated by the dentist. Aligners are worn all day long and removed only for brushing teeth and eating. The possibility of treatment and the mode of wearing aligners are determined by the orthodontist on the basis of an X-ray and other examinations. Throughout all the period of wearing of aligners, the patient must periodically visit the orthodontist to monitor intermediate results.

The advantages of individual transparent aligners:

  • all the course of treatment is planned virtually before it begins and the final result can be seen at once;
  • adaptation period takes a few days;
  • they are invisible when they are worn;
  • do not cause discomfort when wearing;
  • hypo-allergenic;
  • easy to maintain oral hygiene;
  • do not cause problems with diction.


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