Mouth Personal Hygiene Education

What do you think: what can easily prevent caries, periodontitis and other diseases of teeth and periodontal tissue? The answer is simple: adequate mouth hygiene. But are you sure that you know all about this? Specialists of SENSE dental clinic gladly will teach you the effective hygiene.

Having general understanding about hygiene is not enough; you need to consult professionals to receive qualified knowledge and motivation. For you to have always a Hollywood smile you need to learn a rational hygiene. Rational approach consists of adequate teeth brushing using products applicable exactly for you. You need to choose between manual, electric or sonic toothbrush, dental floss, interdental brush, irrigator, tooth paste, gel, and mouthwash. Limited knowledge and mistakes in this matter have bad effect on your health. Therefore mouth hygiene lesson is pretty much the most important preventive action.

We will explain you how to brush teeth correctly and effectively, choose hygiene products and show all of the news in this sphere… And also by visual demonstration with the help of special indicator we will emphasize the areas to which you pay little attention. Be sure: you will be surprised! Well, we give mouth hygiene lessons to protect your:

  • beautiful smile;
  • budget;
  • free time.

Remember: clean teeth are not aching!


Alina Rapota

SENSE dentistry curator, specialist and mentor in the field of conservative periodontics

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