Teeth Whitening

We all dream about ultra-white smile and now there is a chance for everyone in Kharkiv to have it! There is variety of options in tooth whitening. These are some of them.

Intracoronal whitening

This type of whitening takes place in non-vital teeth in order to eliminate discoloration (change of color) of teeth occurring after tooth trauma or root canal system filling with material that stain tooth. Intracoronal whitening takes place in dental office and occupies a few visits the number of which is decided by doctor depending on dental discoloration level.

Home tooth whitening using individual trays

This type of whitening is possible to name the most comfortable for patients for whom it is difficult to reach the dentist office but anyway they want an impressive ultra-white teeth. Home whitening method is indicated and controlled by your consulting dentist. For this reason you need to visit a dentist just once to make individual dental impressions according to which trays will be made. Further you need to put whitening gel into individual trays and put them on for a night. Such whitening requires more time to receive the results that is up to a few weeks depending on the initial teeth color.

Office teeth whitening

It involves special whitening gel application based on carbamide peroxide and for its activation sometimes the source of light is used. The technique involves gingival margin isolation before whitening gel application to avoid chemical burn. To reach optimal results one procedure is enough; it occupies only about 2 hours of your time.

Office teeth whitening using laser radiation

Modern safe method of teeth whitening that gives higher and long-lasting result. It is based on whitening agent activation by the source of light. For this procedure application of gels with less concentration takes place as opposed to other whitening options. Doctor fully controls the process managing the duration of laser exposure that helps to avoid unpleasant sensations.

You should remember that the whitening procedure regardless of chosen type gives only temporary result which is from one to a few years. Besides the duration of effect shortens caused by coloring products intake such as beet, tomato, coffee, strong tea, red wine, etc. Only natural tooth tissues are subjected to whitening after complete oral cavity sanitation. Despite the fact that this procedure is cosmetic, only dental practitioner can prescribe it.


Alina Rapota

SENSE dentistry curator, specialist and mentor in the field of conservative periodontics

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