Tooth-Preserving Operations

Tooth-preserving operations: indications

As a matter of actual practice dental surgeon not only removes the teeth but also actively tries to preserve them. His professional purposes are very diverse:

  • Creating conditions for further tooth hygienic care;
  • Restoration of the crown portion of tooth;
  • Elimination of focal point of infection beyond the dental root system in the case of impossibility of traditional approach to this focal area.

The purpose of SENSE clinic in Kharkiv is to hold as many as possible activities directed to tooth preservation. The qualified specialists and modern equipment such as a dental microscope, a laser and many other help us a lot in this.

The most common cause of tooth loss is periodontitis. Laser application for gingivectomy, gingivoplasty and treatment of periodontal diseases can significantly improve the prognosis.

Gingivectomy is the excision of gingival tissue in order to reduce or completely eliminate periodontal pockets.

Gingivoplasty is performed in gingival proliferation to give the gingival margin more natural shape. A prerequisite for the gingivectomy and gingivoplasty is the removal of dental calculus.


Yulia Cherepinskaya

founder and director of the educational and clinical center SENSE, dentist, Ph.D., M.Ed., specialist and mentor in periodontology and laser dentistry

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