Professional Dental Deposits Removal

Professional mouth hygiene is very important for dental disease prevention as well as for initial stage of periodontal disease treatment. Dental calculus is the main reason of microbial contamination and gingival hemorrhage. Therefore to reach the perfect result we pay big attention to dental calculus removal. Also we estimate according to the state of the oral cavity the time when you need to repeat this procedure or examination of our specialists.

Dental calculus removal

It is a complex procedure that is made for prevention as well as for initial stage of periodontal disease treatment. Primary goals consist in tooth surface cleaning from different by thickness plaque and dental scale and enamel polishing. In our SENSE dental clinic located in the center of Kharkiv we perform this procedure under microscope control that helps us to identify the hard-to-reach areas for cleaning. Removal of dental scales and calculus procedure is not difficult but is of high importance.

Is this necessary? It is important keep your teeth healthy as well as tissues that surround them. Common term for such tissues is periodontium. Caused by microbes in the area of periodontium the inflammatory diseases develop such as periodontitis and gingivitis. Smooth and clean surface of the teeth is the best guarantee that dental scale and calculus will not grow more and more becoming fertile ground for inimical bacteria.

How to remove the dental calculus? In different ways: by ultrasound, laser, mechanically. We use all possible instruments from the arsenal of modern dentist. The choice of method and instruments depends only on your individual clinical situation.

To maintain the health of the teeth and gums the professional mouth hygiene is made once per 6-12 months; in the presence of gingival disease or bracket-system it is made once per 3-4 months. Dental calculus removal lasts about 40-90 minutes depending on the difficulty category of the procedure and takes a few steps:

  • Visual detection of dental plaque by discoloring
  • Removal of hard dental calculus (scales) using ultrasound and manual scaling
  • Removal of soft dental calculus (pellicles, plaque) in hard-to-reach areas and inter-dental gaps using AirFlow* system
  • Teeth polishing using nano-abrasive pastes, brushes and rubber caps
  • Teeth covering by remineralized calcium or fluorine-containing products to prevent increased sensitivity in the neck area after dental calculus removal procedure.

*To remove dental calculus AirFlow system uses the flow of air-abrasive mixture under pressure consisting of powder, water and air. Procedure allows removal of pigmented plaque of a smoker without risk of scratches on the tooth enamel and receiving white effect up to 3-5 tones. Regular AirFlow procedures prevent caries, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Tooth polishing

Tooth polishing is performed with the help of special fine powder and/or low-abrasive pastes the application of which does not damage the teeth enamel. It is gentle, absolutely harmless and comfortable procedure indicated for patients complaining about teeth rough surface and presence of pigmented plaque.

Tooth polishing as dental calculus removal is important method of caries prevention, periodontal disease and bad smell prevention. Benefit is obvious: it provides lasting quality of teeth restoration and the most important is that this adds to your smile brightness and perfect appearance.


Alina Rapota

SENSE dentistry curator, specialist and mentor in the field of conservative periodontics

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