Bacteriotoxic Light Therapy in Treatment of Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis

Photo-activated Disinfection Method (PAD)

It has been proven that periodontitis and peri-implantitis are infectious diseases caused by microorganisms that make up the subgingival biofilm. The standard treatment of these common diseases is mechanical treatment of the surface of the tooth root or implant in order to destroy the subgingival biofilm. There is no need to take antibiotics in case of periodontitis and peri-implantitis without urgent need: there is more and more international reports on the side effects of the use of antibacterial drugs, resistant strains of microorganisms and an increase in number of fungal infections. Therefore, scientists continue to look for new methods and technologies for the treatment of infectious dental diseases.

In addition to the traditional approach in the dental clinic SENSE, the photo-activated disinfection method (PAD) is used. Its another name is bacteriotoxic light therapy (BTL therapy). This physical method is based on the action of the photon light energy of a low-intensity laser with a wavelength in the range of 625–635 nm in combination with a photosensitizer.

The principle of treatment:

  • photosensitizer molecules attach to the membrane of bacterial and fungal cells;
  • atomic (singlet) oxygen is formed during photoactivation and it destroys the wall of the bacterial cell and leads to its death.


Yulia Cherepinskaya

founder and director of the educational and clinical center SENSE, dentist, Ph.D., M.Ed., specialist and mentor in periodontology and laser dentistry

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